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Offenburg University logo

Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg, Germany


  • www.mba-ibc.com - Official website for Master Degree Program "International Business Administration" (MBA) with additional custom features

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Trinational Energy Education initiative, sponsored by the EU.
Germany, France, Switzerland

  • RhenergieCompaniesDb - custom-developed online database of companies in energy sector for Rhenergie associates

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Pedagogical University Karlsruhe , Pedagogical University Karlsruhe , Germany



Friedberg University

Friedberg University of Applied Sciences , Germany

  • OASIS-Friedberg -hosted custom online application system for applying to Master Degree Program in "Information and Communications Systems"
  • OASIS Query Friedberg -hosted custom selection system for screening applications to Master Degree Program in "Information and Communications Systems"


Pedagogical University Freiburg Pedagogical University Freiburg ,Germany

  • E-PAS - Custom application for advanced course registration and automatic assignment (predecessor of Uportal ePAS)