Tech for Your Business Podcast

Tech for Your BusinessThis is a new series of podcasts covering technologies for business optimization. We'll talk about open source applications, various approaches and concepts that will allow any project manager and CEO to better structure their operations.

The topics we'll cover in detail are business process optimization, affordable enterprise software, new trends in technology and media, online training and knowledge management. 


RomanRoman Zhovtulya

WebServiceCenter Group

USA - Germany - India

Axel Axel Moser

Founder & CEO
Carrot Business Solutions

Heidelberg, Germany



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 June 3rd, 2008
Tech For Your Business 2: JavaOne
Roman reports on innovations from the world's biggest Java conference 


 May 24th, 2008
Tech For Your Business 1: Web 3.0
Introduction and setting the stage for discussions on Web 3.0 and affordable custom software for small/medium size businesses