Text editing

The Uportal CMS System allows you to edit your websites easily and intuitively.

Step 1. Simply click on the "Website Editing" link () under "Welcome" section (on your left) to open an editable version of your website, where you just have to navigate to the page that you want to edit (just as if you would simply browse the website)


Step 2. Look for "Edit" Links: they give you direct access to edit the portion of the website they belong to.



Simply click on the "Edit" link and you'll get a rich-text editor window where you can edit the text just as you would a normall text file. When you are done, just click "Save". The changes you made are saved and the website will show the new version right away (real-time editing)


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 Executive Summary

What? Intuitive yet professional Website editing
For whom? Teams, professionals, managers, small/medium-size companies, educational institutions
Why? To keep your website up-to-date, simplify and expedite putting content online
Who's competition? Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage

Security, stability? Best combination: Java, Linux, MySQL
How much? Starting at US $800
What's in the package? Transferring existing website or creating new (professional design and implementation), installation, initial training (if required)
Trial? Yes, please contact us
Support? 24/7 world-wide


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