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Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program (CUPP) is using services of WebServiceCenter Group for almost 5 years now. First, it was a comprehensive CMS-based website launched in 2005, which allowed us to edit the content online in a very user-friendly way from any browser.

Later, the application and selection process to CUPP was greatly facilitated with the use of CUPP OASIS (Online Application and Screning Information System, provided by WebServiceCenter). It was a customized online application system, offered that allowed us to streamline the whole process and reduce administrative work by several orders of magnitude. Instead of having to process hundreds of paper-based applications every year, we were able to access prepared profiles of applicants, do reporting/statistical analysis and perform all back-end processing (admitting/rejecting candidates, requesting more data, etc, including direct email functionality). The applicants were very satisfied as well, as they were no longer required to fill out paper application forms and send them by post oversees. From that time, over 3000 applicants were processed through CUPP OASIS.

Overall, we at CUPP are pleased with all the technological improvements received from WebServiceCenter, enjoy their continuous all-in-one service/support and would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to take their operations to the next level with innovative web applications, custom-developed for their organization.

September 5th, 2009

Ihor Bardyn,
Director, Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program
Ottawa, Canada

Char of Ukrainian Studies Foundation
Toronto, Canada

WebServiceCenter offers exemplary service that covers all wishes both in content and functionality. 

Prof. Dr. Ralph Olsen
Dean, Department of German Language and Literature
Karlsruhe Pedagogical University
Karlsuhe, Germany





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Please visit our New Rent-A-Mile website.