Roman Zhovtulya

President & CEO

Roman has co-founded WebServiceCenter in early 2004 and has since been responsible for strategic management and IT.

He received a Master's Degree in "Communications and Media Engineering" from Offenburg University (Germany) and has established and managed a number of technology initiatives there. One of them being "InternetServiceCenter" - an innovative company-like software development agency within the University.

Roman's interests range from politics (successful internship at the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa, Canada) through economics and stock market (training at WoodGundy broker's office) to Artificial Intelligence (research on AI for stock market prediction at Delft University of Technology , Netherlands).


George Fruehan

Business Performance Services

George's Business Performance division is one of the major expert centers at WebServiceCenter that excels in developing and implementing custom strategies to unfold the hidden potential of many businesses. 

George has spent his career extending the use of accounting and operations information from board-level and senior managers to line employees in order to change behavior and increase performance.

He pioneered valuing intangibles in decision making during his career in the financial and professional services industries for Price Waterhouse; his clients include Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, VISA USA, and a host of smaller banks. During this time, he developed a precursor to ABC, Activity Based Costing.

As an expert witness in US courts, his opinion is sought on what the numbers mean in economic impact and on issues of systems performance. He has over 25 years in management and consulting for a range of industries. (UC Berkeley: BA Engineering and Biological Sciences, MBA Operations Management.)

Christian Koenig

Christian Koenig

System architecture, modeling and design

Christian has a wide range of expertise in modern web applications and Internet technologies in general. He provides technical know-how and leads project development at WebServiceCenter.





Matthias Rohrbach

Digital design, layout and 3D

Matthias is an expert in digital design, art and 3D animation. He ensures that our projects conform to the highest standards of modern web design and provides innovative solutions in graphics, layout and 3D.