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General Accessible Information

  • Hotel entrance accessible?
  • Number of wheelchair parking bays?
  • Automatic entrance doors?
  • Accessible underground parking?
  • Reception desk accessible?
  • Induction loop system at the reception desk?
  • Facilities for blind?
  • Lift/Elevator accessible for a wheelchair?
  • Audio announcement in Lift/Elevator?
  • Restaurant accessible?
  • Accessible toilet in the reception area?

Accessible Bedroom

  • Door width in mm?
  • Electrical sockets accessible?
  • Telephones reachable from bed?
  • Light switches reachable from the bed?
  • Bed height in mm?
  • Location of bed?
  • Bed move-able?
  • Gap under bed in mm?
  • Accessible temperature control system?
  • Mini fridge?
  • Curtains accessible?

Accessible Bathroom

  • Door width mm?
  • Doors open inwardly?
  • Wet room?
  • Roll-in shower?
  • Shower seat?
  • Toilet height in mm?
  • Grab rails?
  • Wash Hand Basin: height in mm?
  • Accessible Wash Hand Basin?
  • Mirror directly above Wash Hand Basin?
  • Emergency alarm button/cord?