Frequently Asked Questions

What does the price include?

  • All facilities listed in the hotel description are included in the room price.

  • Breakfast is not included in the price but can be arranged separately and easily with the hotel.

  • This information can also be found in your confirmation email and at our Customer Terms and Conditions

Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

  • No. You can only make a reservation with a valid credit/debit card.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

  • Once you have completed the booking process, a confirmation page will appear showing all of your reservation details.

You will also be sent a confirmation email to the email address you specified during the booking process.

  • At any time, you can access your DFH Account in our "My Account" section (provide link) where you can view / cancel your booking. You will need to remember the email and password you entered during the booking process to login into your DFH Account.

Am I Guaranteed a Disabled Friendly / Accessible room?

Yes - if you book an accessible room you will be allocated an accessible room.

What is the difference between Real Time booking and Price Request booking?

Real time booking means confirmation of the reservation at time of booking.

For a limited number of hotels, we provide real time booking and confirmation of accessible and standard rooms.

For all other hotels, we operate a Price Request booking process. In this instance, you need to request a price for the hotel and dates required and we will respond with an offer and a time period within which to accept this offer. You can then complete the booking on our website by paying a 10% non-refundable deposit.

How do I cancel my reservation?

  • The easiest way to cancel your booking is through your DFH Account in our "My Account" section. (provide link)

  • Alternatively, you can cancel with the hotel direct. However, you must do so in writing to the hotel.

  • Please remember to check the hotel's cancellation policy before making any changes to your reservation. The general rule is that you must cancel the reservation outside of 24 hours of 2pm of the day of arrival.

Will I be charged if I don't show for my reservation without cancelling my reservation?

Yes - we will charge your card for the first night's stay and remit these monies to the hotel. Therefore, it is very important that you cancel your booking in the correct manner and within the permitted time frame.

Will I receive a refund of my booking deposit if I cancel my reservation?

No. The 10% booking fee is non refundable.

What do I need a Password for?

  • You need a Password to login into your DFH Account in our "My Account" section.

What is DFH Connect?

  is an innovative, social network for the promotion of travel and the sharing of information between the worldwide disabled community. It is free, has no obligations and you can leave at any time.

Members requesting information can search for other members who have a similar disability and live or have travelled to a place of interest. In this way, members from around the world can connect with each other to share highly relevant accessible information and tips.

You do not need to make a booking through DisabledFriendlyHotels.com to use DFH Connect.

In order to become a member of DFH Connect, you must first sign up an account (provide link to My Account page).

Although it is optional, you will get the most out of DFH Connect if you enter your disability type.

We will then e-mail you a link to join our Community - it is that simple!

If you make a booking through DisabledFriendlyHotels.com, we will automatically e-mail you to join DFH Connect.

By joining DFH Connect, you consent to disclosing your following personal details only:

  - First Name 
  - Disability Type
  - Country/City 
  - The cities you have travelled to

The requesting member can connect to a recipient member describing what he/she wishes to find out. The requesting member's name, disability type, e-mail address and message will be disclosed to the recipient member who can choose whether or not to reply.

DFH will, at no stage, disclose the recipient member's e-mail address to the requesting member or either party's telephone numbers.

It is hoped that most users will join DFH Connect so as to enable the free and unencumbered sharing of information between the worldwide disabled community.

You can change your password and personal details at any time by logging into your My Account. However, your e-mail address will always be the same.

DisabledFriendlyHotels.com reserves the right, at its full discretion, to cancel membership if any abuse of the system takes place; see Customer Terms & Conditions.

What is the DFH Blog & Supplier Directory?

Our Blog is written to raise awareness of accessible travel issues.

Our Supplier Directory is a directory of accessible equipment suppliers or accessible services providers. It is restricted to the UK & Ireland for now. It is hoped that this will give users a variety of suppliers to use.

Listing on the Supplier Directory is free and we carry no responsibility for the services provided; please see our Limitation of Liability.

Where can I find the contact information for the hotel I booked?

The contact information for the hotel you booked will be contained in your reservation confirmation e-mail and under the hotel's listing on our website.

I have a question for the hotel before I can book - what do I do?

If you can't find your answer under the Accessible Information or General Information sections, please contact our Customer Service by phone or email and we'll be happy to ask on your behalf.

How can I see how much it will cost?

Enter the dates of your stay and the rates will be clearly displayed along with the available room types.

I am entering my credit card details. When will I be charged?

You will be charged 10% of the cost of your booking at time of booking.

The balance of your booking is due upon arrival at the hotel.

We have children; can we get extra beds/cribs in the room?

Please look at Hotel Policy section or contact the Hotel directly. Please take note of the following:

  • Any additional fees for children are not included in the reservation price.

  • During the online booking process, please make your request for any extra bed/crib in the "Special Requests" box provided.

  • We recommend calling the hotel prior to your arrival to guarantee your request. You can find the hotel's contact information in your confirmation email.

Can we hire accessible equipment from you?

No - we do not provide this service directly.

However, our Supplier Directory lists accessible equipment suppliers and accessible services providers in the UK & Ireland.

Please click "Submit Suggestion " to submit a suggestion for a supplier to include within this directory.

Do you have a directory of travel companions?

No - we do not.

However, DFH Connect is a free to join social network for the worldwide disabled community. Just sign up an account and we will send you a mail to become a member of DFH Connect.

How it works: Members requesting information can contact other members (with similar disabilities) who have travelled to or are from a place that the requesting member wishes to visit.

Travelling with a medical condition or disability

Always consider if the climate/terrain you are going to is suitable for your level of fitness.

Consider purchasing some medical alert jewellery - there are many types available.

What do I do with my medication?

You should have your medication with you at all times, if you are taking up air travel, we recommend taking your medication onto the aircraft with you, so if your suitcase does go missing you have all your medication to hand, however if you are taking a liquid medication you must take a copy of the prescription and preferably a doctor's note with you. As there are currently restrictions on taking liquids through security, they may test any liquid medication you are taking onto the aircraft so remember to check in early!