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 Executive Summary

What? Intuitive yet professional Website editing
For whom? Teams, professionals, managers, small/medium-size companies, educational institutions
Why? To keep your website up-to-date, simplify and expedite putting content online
Who's competition? Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage

Security, stability? Best combination: Java, Linux, MySQL
How much? Starting at US $800
What's in the package? Transferring existing website or creating new (professional design and implementation), installation, initial training (if required)
Trial? Yes, please contact us
Support? 24/7 world-wide


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Views & content

The great new feature in Uportal CMS3 is the possibility to change what type of content is shown on any page with just a few clicks.


Just watch for those bars above each part of screen, that look like this:


Then, click on the arrow pointing down to expand the bar:


Under "View", you can select the type of content to be shown (text, courses,events, etc) and

under "Content", the content that should be shown.


Just experiment with selecting various options
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